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Entering numbers in a cell

1st Aug 2006

There now 2 different systems of selecting cells and entering numbers. The system being used can be changed from the option menu at any time. The two systems are:

Select number then cells

1st Aug 2006

Select a number using the buttons at the bottom of the main playing area (or using the keyboard). After the required number has been selected you can use the left mouse button to place that number in the cell. You can also use the right mouse button to toggle the grid notes.

Select cell then number

1st Aug 2006

Once the required cell has been selected with the left mouse button, you can place a number into that cell either using the number keys on the keyboard, or by left clicking on the buttons at the bottom of the main playing area.

By right clicking on cell You will see a blue border around the cell and You can enter a note into the cell, the same way you enter a number.

Deleting numbers from a cell

1st Aug 2006

If you want to delete a number or a note from a cell just enter the same number or note again. There is also a "Delete" button. If you click it or press 'D' and click on a cell with the left mouse button the number in the cell will be deleted, if you click with the right mouse button ALL notes will be deleted from the cell.

Design mode

1st Aug 2006

This is still under construction!

Additional options

1st Aug 2006

Draw helping lines in the options menu - You can see easier, if there is a collision

Solve - Give up the game and reveal the complete solution.

Clear - Restart the game from the beginning.

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